Watch the Film



Encuentro (Subtitled)


You might have a few questions.  Hopefully that means we’ve done our job.  You can find a little more information here. Let us know what questions you were left with!

We have a few questions for you too:

Did any images, ideas, emotions, or memories come up for you as you were watching the film?

Were there things that made you uncomfortable?  Why did they make you uncomfortable?

What is Encuentro?  What is encountered?

Let’s begin the conversation.  Leave us a comment!



Puede que tengas algunas preguntas.  Esperemos que eso quiera decir que hemos hecho nuestro trabajo.  Encontrarás un poco más información aquí.  Cuáles son tus preguntas?

Nosotros también te tenemos algunas preguntas:

Te surgieron algunas imágenes, ideas, emociones o recuerdos al ver la película?

Hubo cosas que te incomodaron?  Por qué te incomodaron?

Qué es Encuentro?  Qué se encuentra?

Iniciemos un diálogo!  Déjanos un comentario!



2 thoughts on “Watch the Film

  1. […] After a fantastic run on the film festival circuit, which included screenings at some of the largest LGBT film festivals in Europe and South America, Greg’s experimental short film Encuentro is now available for viewing online.  Inspired by some of Greg’s thoughts and experiences while living in Argentina, Encuentro was shot in Buenos Aires and explores identity, “otherness,” and desire.  Check it out here! […]

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