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When two strangers cross paths in a Buenos Aires plaza, they are washed together in a dreamlike space of words, bodies, and ideas as they explore the true nature of difference, acceptance, and free will. Encuentro tells the story of the coming together of two worlds that rarely interact and explores what happens as a result of that interaction. Encuentro is the collision of real and surreal, black and white, masculine and feminine, native and foreign. It is an examination of the dynamic between ‘in’ and ‘out’, accepted and marginalized, as it contemplates the power, the fragility, and the desires that each possess.

Cuando dos desconocidos se cruzan en una plaza de Buenos Aires se inicia un viaje peculiar. Es la historia del encuentro entre dos mundos y sus consecuencias. Es un choque realista y surrealista, blanco y negro, masculino y femenino. Es un examen a la dinámica entre afuera y adentro, aceptado y marginado, para contemplar las debilidades, los poderes y los deseos que tienen los dos.


One thought on “Synopsis

  1. This is a film that explores the nature of desire, taboo, and sexual consciousness. This short film manages, in 12 minutes, to take us into a highly hallucinatory adventure where everything the protagonist thought to be real is suddenly challenged. All social norms, rules, what is beauty, what is sensuality, are challenged in a rendering of the subconscious. Amazing work by Greg Serebuoh.

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